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About 10 years ago I wrote a short account of my youthful adventure driving from Colombo to London overland through Asia and Europe in 1969. It was intended for my two sons and was based on the daily diary I kept during the journey. In view of the interest in recent years in such trips, I decided to update slightly my story and publish it on this website for those who might wish to read it. We overlanders were a diverse species and each journey and experience was likely to be different. I was not a hippie and nor were most of the other travellers I met on the overland route. The hippie aspect of these times seems to have been embellished and romanticised over the intervening years. So, for what it is worth, this is my story.

The Author, Bruce Thomas
The Author

Bruce Thomas

Traveller, Photographer, Motoring enthusiast​

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Afternoon Break during our overland odyssey
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